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San Jorge

Industrial Division
Shirtmaking & Clothing

sanjorge portadaSan Jorge spells high quality industrial products, including safety pins. As a domestic pin supplier, we have expertise in wire products that extends far beyond pin production. Capabilities include forming, polishing, cold-heading, stamping, heat treatment, and surface treatment for a variety of wire products. We produce specialty pins , shirt clips and pieces for the clothing, electromechanical equipment, furniture, and sporting goods industries.

See how San Jorge can solve your problems!!

San Jorge protects your shirts.


Dressmaking & Lace making
Window Dressing & Household

jabali portada marró2Jabali sets the world standard for high quality pin brands. Registered in 1924, Jabali offers the largest pin range for bobbin lace sewing and haberdashery applications, including high grade pins and straight pins.

We show you how to select the most suitable pin for your special project. You can also learn to identify dressmaker and lace pins with our seven wonders on straight pins.

Jabali produces the best pins for window dressing and stationery. Jabali accessories are also great for haberdasheries and crafters.


Entomologic pins

hobby portada marró2We are in the process of launching our SAN JORGE branded Entopin range which will include new qualities based upon our  centennial pin manufacturing experience, the main features of San Jorge Entopins will be the solid head and the highest bending  resistance overall with thin diameters, to best understand the ideal pins for use with the preservation of different species we are working closely with Universities, Natural Science Museums and Entomologists around the World, following this global cooperation we will be gradually adding new pins to the SAN JORGE range.

Discover the amazing world of Entomology!


Art with pins
Creative Sets

pinsart portada marró2019Pins Art is all art made with pins. We have the pin perfect for your art works.
We have a Pins Art set a creative activity, ideal for children from 6 to 99. Transform your printed drawing A5(200x150mm) into great 2D pictures with Pins Art. Pins Art 2D pictures are simple to do. You do not even need to be a competent artist or even a dedicated crafter, even kids are great pins art's crafters, they will be happily absorbed for hours. Invite your friends to have great fun together. 

A History In Pin Making

Pin manufacturing is our family heritage; our goal is to continue to be a domestic pin supplier practicing the old skills more efficiently and to always distinguish between quality craftsmanship and mass production. Our company’s aim is to keep the proud tradition as a quality straight and high grade pin and shirt clips manufacturer with our European heritage for future generations.

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