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QFSURT04 Metal Box

Assorted Metal Boxes
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QF01: Dressmaker Hardened & Tempered pins 34x0.60mm, Qualité Finesse, ideal for medium weight fabrics.
QF02: Hardened & Tempered pins Extra fine pins Qualité Finesse 30x0.50mm, ideal for delicate fabrics. 
QF03: Dressmaker Hardened & Tempered pins 30x0.60mm, Qualité Finesse, ideal for medium weight fabrics.
QF04: Hardened & Tempered pins Extra long and thin pins Qualité Finesse 43x0.60mm, ideal for medium weight fabrics.

Presentation: 25grams of pins

QF01: The history of metal packaging began in Bohemia, Czech Republic, around the year 1200. Metal packaging arrive at FOLCH in 2024 to commemorate the Centenary.
The new package has a cycle of longer life than traditional packaging in plastic or cardboard box.
Boxes collectibles, manufactured with recycled, reusable materials, resistant and with a opening-closing "click-clack".

QF02 and QF03: Design by María Galybina, designer of patterns and exclusive fabrics. The artist is inspired by travel, the wonders of nature and the art of storytelling. For our collection he has chosen vibrant tones and a bohemian atmosphere of free spirit. Discover pins for delicate fabrics and fine fabrics with the Maria Galybina collection.

QF04: Designed by Claudio M. Ramos.
We present the design of "The Strongest Man", a work by Claudio M. Ramos, Technical Professor of Pattern Making and Dressmaking at IES Pablo Picasso in Seville. 
The design is inspired by a festive and fun element form the early years of the brand, in 1924, the circus. It hihglights on of the main figures that entertained the people: the strongman of the era attempting to bend a Jabalí brand pin manufactured by Folch, emphasizing one of the main characteristics of steel pins, Folch's specialty,: hardness and elasticity.

Point Features
Surface Finish Plated
Head Material
Head Shape
Wire Material
High Carbon steel
Type of pins
Hardened&Tempered pins
Units in box: 4 boxes


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