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AIN264025 400 u./9.6g (aprox.)

Stainless steel pins 26 x 0.40 mm.
Ideal for lace makers.
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AIN2640Stainless steel pins 26 mm x 0.40 mm- Size (1 -1/32")- 0.030 in
Stainless steel insect mounting pins solid head for use in humid conditions. Made with high tensile strength stainless wire so pins do not bend easily. Packaged in lots of 400
High rust resistance. Strength guide 15%, Soft pin.
Extra Fine dressmaker pins for light weight fabrics.
USES: Use for straight fine and continental laces.
PRESENTATION: Flat packed in a plastic box with hanger( Reusable box, Stockable box). 1 box with 400 units

Purple Identification Label
Have you ever wondered what type of pin you were using? Now you can quickly refer to the label on the bottom or our box, for the easiest pin indentification, with drawing, sizes, and our best advices as pin makers.
Our label has the product description in 3 different languages 

These pins are made by Folch, the oldest European pin maker.

Total Length
26 mm
Wire Material
Stainless steel 304
Shaft Diameter
0.40 mm
Head Shape
Color Head
Head Diameter
Head Material
Stainless steel
Surface Finish Plated
Bright polished
Point Features
Highly Smooth
Bending Resistance
Haute Couture
Type of pins
Stainless steel pins
Units in box: 400


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