FOLCH  The  European pin factory with almost  100 years of tradition.

Why purchase your pins from  FOLCH?folch-3.jpg

Made in  Europe   -  European tradition.

Pin making  was a milestone  of the  first Industrial  Revolution in England during the 1850s, we are proud that our  products will bring the  European identity across the World

We are Spain's oldest pin factory and quickly becoming the last one to have European pin manufacturing capability, this is the result of a lot of dedicated hard work from many generations of family, all passionate about pin manufacturing.

It is the company’s aim is to maintain the proud tradition of European manufacturing heritage for future generations, we are ready to meet any challenges presented by both new metal finishes and clothing.


folch valuesSpecialization - Process centered  Organization

The pin manufacturing process is the nexus of our organization.

We have been focused on producing straight pins since  1924, our factory is oriented with pin manufacturing, including all the different stages of the manufacture, including wire redrawing, pin production,   hardening, bright nickel finishing, and polishing and packing.  We have developed, over many years a  unique pin range worldwide,  based on our technical experience and customer feedback,   becoming a specialized pin maker.

We are still learning and still improving our processes and machines, the specific knowledge of pin manufacturing is the repetition and analysis of the pin machine’s performance. After one century, our mission as an organization is to keep enlarging this knowledge.

We are focused to be excellent in pin-making.


Quality built to last.

The quality of the pins that you will get begins with the best quality of wire available in the market,  roundness,  smoothness, strength, and corrosion resistance are just some of the properties our pins have.

The corrosion resistance depends upon the type of wire and the surface protective coatings that are given to the pins.

To evaluate the corrosion resistance of the pins, we apply the salt spray test, ( sal fog  test),  our quality recommendations are based on a century of real experience.

We have established quality process controls throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee that at each stage the highest quality is maintained. New challenges  require new ways of doing things and we  are embracing new  technologies to  achieve the quality that you will needfolch-2.png

Pins  built  to last


Happy to teach

Each pin has a purpose in life.

We have been producing pins for every application need and provide unique value to customers in a  narrow market, we have built a long relationship with satisfied and devoted customers over almost one century.

Our best teachers have been our satisfied customers, we love to hear their comments, feedback, complaints, and wishes, we love to help them choose each one,  what is needed for each task,  we believe that our purpose is to guide any person that needs a pin.

The fabric evolution is pushing us to keep developing new pins with new features to face your future requirements.

We love to create emotional connections with our customers we encourage them to help us develop the products that they need.

Our next goal is to share our knowledge about pins with our customers,  we will open our pin school, where we will add steadily what we have learned for almost a century.

We are satisfied where we have now arrived, although we are positive about where we are going.


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