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IPNS012 Assorted safety pins

Assorted safety pins n. 0 / 1 / 2
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IPNS012 Nickel safety pins of 27 - 34 - 38 mm.

Created for endless purpose, at home, in manufacture, medicals, laundry...

Total Length
;7mm;10 mm;11 mm;12 mm;13 mm;14 mm;15 mm;16 mm;17 mm;18 mm;19 mm;20 mm;21 mm;22 mm;23 mm;24 mm;26 mm;27 mm;28 mm;30 mm;32 mm;33 mm;34 mm;35 mm;36 mm;37 mm;38 mm;40 mm;42 mm;43 mm;45 mm;48 mm;49 mm;50 mm;51 mm;55 mm;57 mm;60 mm;64 mm;76 mm;80 mm;110 mm;150 cm;5 m;25 m
Wire Material
Mild Steel
Shaft Diameter
;0.20mm;0.30mm;0.35mm;0.40 mm;0.45 mm;0.49 mm;0.50 mm;0.52 mm;0,53 mm;0.54mm;0.55 mm;0.59 mm;0.60 mm;0.63 mm;0.65 mm;0.68 mm;0.70 mm;0.74 mm;0.75 mm;0.78 mm;0.80 mm;0.85 mm;0.90 mm;1.00 mm;1.10 mm;1.20 mm;1.35 mm;1.45 mm;2.00 mm
Head Shape
;Dome;Flat;Dipped;Ball;Color Dome;Loop;Diamante;Flower;Tear;Button;Ribbon
Color Head
Head Material
;Brass;Coloured Steel;High Carbon steel;Mild steel;Stainless steel;Plastic;Glass;Steel
Surface Finish Plated
Nickel plated
Point Features


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