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IFN2076 Kilt pins 76 mm (3'')

Nickel kilt pins 76 mm (3'')

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Kilt pin made from steel with nickel finish, that will not tarnish.

Decorative skirts kilt pins, use to hold wrap around skirts and shawls.

Total Length
76 mm
Wire Material
Mild Steel
Shaft Diameter
;0.20mm;0.30mm;0.35mm;0.40 mm;0.45 mm;0.49 mm;0.50 mm;0.52 mm;0,53 mm;0.54mm;0.55 mm;0.59 mm;0.60 mm;0.63 mm;0.65 mm;0.68 mm;0.70 mm;0.74 mm;0.75 mm;0.78 mm;0.80 mm;0.85 mm;0.90 mm;1.00 mm;1.10 mm;1.20 mm;1.35 mm;1.45 mm;2.00 mm
Head Shape
;Dome;Flat;Dipped;Ball;Color Dome;Loop;Diamante;Flower;Tear;Button;Ribbon
Color Head
Head Material
;Brass;Coloured Steel;High Carbon steel;Mild steel;Stainless steel;Plastic;Glass;Steel
Surface Finish Plated
Nickel plated
Point Features