“We inform you that The Pin maker will be closed for Holiday from 10th August till 1th September (both included). The orders that are received in Holidays period will be sent from 2nd September. Thank you”

We would like to introduce you our range hobby creative pins , ideal short pins for crafters, and hobbysts,



The range include pins from 10 mm till 21 mm, made with steel and brass wire, different finishes , with special heads and points, we have made the right pin for each user.


Our hobby creative pins octogonal boxes have our new label identification (L8),

L8 our new label identification


Have you ever wondered what type or size of pin you were using? Now you can quickly refer to the label on the bottom of each box for easy pin identification.

We have added the article description, in eight languages, ( wire material, finish and main uses), depending of our customer area, upon request on the ordering process,we will turn the label, so the end user will read all the detailed info at the back with his own language, and also the article code in the front.

We have added a drawing on scale with mm, with the diameter and lenght dimensions and also our code system informs you about the lenght and diameter of each pin.

AFD1065  means   (F)  Steel pins -  (D)  gold    - 10  ( lenght mm)   65   ( diameter 0.65mm)

we have avalaible four languages for each label side:



Side N:English -German, Dutch and French


Side S:Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan

Please advice us what label side do you prefer at the back, for your customer region.


Our pins are made in Spain and are sold in the most of the european countries since 1924.




Our ref.           wire and finish                            Lenght Diameter       Unit sale

AFN136505      Mild steel nickel plated                13mm 0,65mm       5 boxes 1000 u
AFN166505      Mild steel nickel plated                16mm 0,65mm       5 boxes 1000 u
AFN186505      MIld steel nickel plated               18mm 0,65mm       5 boxes 1000 u
ALD166305      Polished brass gold                    16mm 0,63mm       5 boxes 1000 u


AFD106505      Brassed steel                            10mm 0,65mm       5 boxes 1000 u
ALD106005      Polished brass gold                    10mm 0,60mm       5 boxes 1000 u

AFN106505      Mild steel nickel plated                10 mm  0.65 mm    5 boxes 1000 u

There are more sizes, and finish avalaible, although these are our top sales.



Our octogonal box with our L8 identification is ideal for retail shops with desk. floor and wall, displays with loop hangers, prompty

we are going to launch our desk display for our hobby creative range.




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