We are happy to introduce our range window dressing pins,  (bank pins) the best pins for shopfittings, suppliers,  office suppliers, establishment suppliers, window dressing designers, and further aplications


Window  dressing  range pins.


L8  our new  label identification

Have you ever wondered what type or size of pin you were using? Now you can quickly refer to the label on the bottom of each box for easy pin identification.

We have added the article description, in eight languages, ( wire material, finish and  main uses), depending of our customer area,  upon request on the ordering process,we will turn the label,  so  the end user will read all the detailed info at the back with his own language,  and  also the article code in the front. we have avalaible

four  languages for each label side:


English -German, Dutch and French


Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan


Please  advice us  what label side do you prefer at the back, for your customer region.


Our pins are made in Spain and are sold in the most of the european countries since 1924.

We have added a drawing on scale with mm, with the diameter and lenght dimensions and also our code system informs you about the lenght and diameter of each pin.

AFN5012 LENGHT 50 DIAMETER 1.20 mm  250  units

Our actual Bank pins range, for window dressing

We have the following  selection

PIN  CODE      








i nches

AFN3080 Nickel plated 30 mm 0.80 mm 1 1/5 " 0.031
AFN3090 Nickel plated 30 mm 0.90 mm 1 1 /5 " 0.036
AFN3290 Nickel plated 32mm 0.90 mm 1 1 /4" 0.036
AFN3690 Nickel plated 36 mm 0.90 mm 1 7/16" 0.036
AFN3811 Nickel plated 38 mm 1.10 mm 1 1/2 0.0455
AFN4211 Nickel plated 42 mm 1.10 mm 1 3 /4 0.0455
AFN5020 Nickel plated 50 mm 1.20 mm 2 " 0.0455

Our window dressing pins have  avalaible different packing presentation on plastic or carboard, we are going to add in our site promptly, the ticket pins and T  pins, if you don't find what are you looking for, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our pins are made with high tensile mild steel wire, to give them the right strenght, to avoid   any bending, for the users, this feature is appreciate for  crafters that are using our pins for art , like   the recognized international  artist  Ran Hwang, Have a look in our gallery


Our actual range of window dressing pins


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