“We inform you that The Pin maker will be closed for Holiday from 10th August till 1th September (both included). The orders that are received in Holidays period will be sent from 2nd September. Thank you”
For the twelfth time, Folch have participated in the Handarbeit & Hobby, in Köln, Germany , The International Trade Fair for knitting, embroidery, needlework and handicrafts. Handarbeit & Hobby is well known as the largest and most international trade fair for this industry in Europe.

With over 80 years of experience, Folch believes that it is crucial for a brand to keep up to date and refreshed according to the new expectations of its market. Because of that, Handarbeit & Hobby has become a very important trade fair for Folch and the company has attended it in the last eleven editions.

For 2010, Folch presented new products of his HOBBY CREATIVE brand, like PINS ART 2D AND PINS ART 3D. PINS ART is a new craft with COLOR DOME pins,  product presented in previous editions, and colour sequins. You may decorate with this technique figures or drawings made with polystyrene.
We will show our Pins art gallery, during the exhibition, and also the new packing for the
Dressmakers pins.

We introduced our pure  gold  pins and clips coated with 24 carat gold, that will open a new era for our high quality  products, special for lace makers, crafters and sewing  professionals

Jabali is the consumer brand for haberdashery and lacing pins, and Hobby Creative is a consumer brand of pins and accessories for crafts, patchwork, bracelets, modelism and applique-sequin.






Josep m Folch and Chris Harris thank to all  2010   visitors, customers and friends,

that shared with us his value time, experiences, and their wisdom.



FOLCH  has  shared the booth with our  good friends

from RIZAAL,  Sabadell.


We introduced our pure 24 carat gold plated pins and clips.

our new PURE GOLD  finish, that

will give to our products the best  brightness durability and peformance

properties to our high   high quality pins and clips,

with gold 24 carat


Our  new   clips 24  carat gold plate  for  shirtmakers


Hardened and tempered pins 24 carat gold plate.

We  gave to our visitors samples of 30 mm x 0.50 mm 24 gold plate pins

that will be ideal pins for lace makers, crafters and sewing users, if you

want to get samples and you could not come  to visit us let us know, discover

our new  pure gold range.

During the exhibition we showed our Pins art gallery, which is a display of pins in various art forms from

artists the world over and also the new packing for the Dressmakers pins.




The  2010  new  giant display octogonal box, had  a great succes,

we presented the  full range of our  octogonal box family  with our new

identification system, for pins  25, 50, 100, 250 and  500 g



This is our giant octogonal box that we presented to  Show sell trophy 2010, that

the winner was our friend  company  Gustav Selter Gmbh . producer of high

quality needles in germany with his new presentation addi



Handarbeit & Hobby 2010 event took place  from March 26 - 28, 2010 in Köln, Germany,our company

will assist  on  Handarbeit and Hobby  2011 that will be held on 8- 10 april 2011.


For more information about the Handarbeit & Hobby 2010 visit: http://www.handarbeit-hobby.de




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