Have you ever wondered what type or size of pin you were using? Now you can quickly refer to the label on the bottom of each box for easy pin identification.

We have added the article description, in twelve languages, six languages for each label side: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Greek, Polish, and Catalan.

Our pins are made in Spain and are sold in the most of the european countries since 1924.

We have added a drawing on scale with mm, with the diameter and lenght dimensions and also our code system informs you about the lenght and diameter of each pin.


You can see the article code for both sides of the box.

Including the bar code to handle the retail identification, we are going to use the 12 language label with our hangshell octagonal box, and the traditional octagonal box.

The label will always remain inside the box, and the customer will keep it as a reminder for future purchases.

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