SAN JORGE is the brand for the industry, the garment industry overall and any customization requested for any industrial need, the pins can also be manufactured with specific designs specifications in any shape or style with a mínimum order quantity requested.

San Jorge brand was registered in 1928.

SAN JORGE products include features that make them an excellent value for the consumer, durable, high smoothness and conscientious manufacturing allows us to maintain our uncompromising standards. Our SAN JORGE products are made in our pin making focused factory plant situated in the Northeast region of Spain - Catalonia.

We are in the process of launching our SAN JORGE branded Entopin range which will include new qualities based upon our centennial pin manufacturing experience, the main features of San Jorge Entopins will be the solid head and the highest bending resistance overall with thin diameters, to best understand the ideal pins for use with the preservation of different species we are working closely with Universities, Natural Science Museums and Entomologists around the World, following this global cooperation we will be gradually adding new pins to the SAN JORGE range.

Discover the amazing world of Entomology!


JABALI brand is known the world over for its excellent quality, durability, and value. , it was registered in 1926-, JABALI Is Spain’s oldest brand in straight pins. Originally jabali were the pins made with mild steel wire and high carbon steel wire, and all other accessories made with these wire materials.
Actually jabali brand includes all the pins and other products, that we manufacture or trade that is used by the end-user, in dressmaking. Jabali offers the largest pin range for bobbin lace sewing and haberdashery applications, lace making, patchwork quilting,

Jabali produces the best pins for window dressing and stationery.

Color dome pins

Our range of COLOR DOME pins is ideal for all your Applique and Sequin craft projects This pin was invented and developed by the experts in our Engineering team at Folch and is manufactured at our factory here in Spain.

Each pin measures 22mm in length with a stem diameter of 0.65 mm, the result is a short but robust pin with good resistance to bending.

The colorful head on these pins will really make your finished item stand out in comparison with other regular pins. The head is larger than you would normally find on a pin of this size, again, this was developed by our Engineering team to ensure that the maximum amount of color was visible and at 1.70mm it greatly assists with the handling of pins by users across all age groups and ability.

Currently, there are 12 head colors available giving an almost endless choice of Head and Sequin color combinations.
The color chart is available as PDF download in our catalog section.

Crafted with Pride by Folch in Europe

color dome image

Total Length
22 mm
Wire Material
Mild Steel
Shaft Diameter
0.65 mm


We are passionate about inspiring people to create

Pins Art is all art made with pins. We have the pin perfect for your artwork.
We have a Pins Art set a creative activity, ideal for children from 6 to 99. Transform your printed drawing A5(200x150mm) into great 2D pictures with Pins Art. Pins Art 2D pictures are simple to do. You do not even need to be a competent artist or even a dedicated crafter, even kids are great pins art's crafters, they will be happily absorbed for hours. Invite your friends to have great fun together.

At METALURGICA FOLCH SL, we continually strive to exceed expectations because our customers are also our partners; it is through our collaborative approach that we provide additional value through our service. We encourage customers to contact us and let us know their comments regarding anything related to our products or service.


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