expositor marc marróFolch is one of the leading producers in the pin industry with presence in more than 45 countries. With over 80 years of experience, Folch has built an excellent reputation and worldwide industry recognition.

Industry expertise has given Folch strategic advantage over its competitors. Folch values each industry and respects their unique needs. As a result, the company has developed an extensive variety of products that serves different trades including clothing and sports industries, haberdashery, bobbin lace and art crafts.

Folch’s products are exported across five continents and serve some of the leading international companies in many industries. Therefore, a wholesale distributor of Folch’s products, not only represents an internationally recognized brand, but also takes advantage of qualities that only an industry leader can offer.

Folch’s wholesale distributors represent a high quality product developed with the most modern machines and the finest materials existing on the international market.

Through this website, Folch’s wholesale partners can access its catalogs and check the different types, shapes and sizes of pins available for online orders. Folch products can also be manufactured with specific design specifications in any shape or style (minimum purchase required).

Contact Folch for more information about how to become a Foch’s wholesale partner.

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