Seven Wonders On Shirt Pins

The value of our shirt pins is based on seven parameters that will be our pins wonders.

  1. Wire: the wire is the most important value in the pins asset, our company use only high quality wire that has to pass tests on roundness, strength, brightness and smoothness.
  2. Diameter: on brass pins we have 0.65, 0.68, 0.70 // On stainless steel  0.40, 0.49, 0.53, 0.59mm
  3. Length: usually shirt makers prefer 20, 22, 24 or 26 mm
  4. Point: the slim sharpened point, style with ball point tip guarantees remarkable protection of the fabric during the shirt packing; the right point will reduce the penetration force required for pinning the shirts with or without boards.
  5. Head: normally our brass nickel plated pins have a large sized head for easy handling and our dipped head pins have a bright, shiny, smooth appearance that gives value to your shirt.
  6. Finish: we nickel plate steel and brass pins in our factory to give our pins the smoothest surface, highest corrosion resistance with a mirror bright finish.  Stainless steel pins are polished to a high polish and super smooth finish.
  7. Bending resistance: the bending resistance is the capacity of a pin to recover or maintain its straightness after being pushed into fabric or any other material like the shirt boards. Our shirt pins have these properties depending on the other six parameters, our aim is to achieve pins with the higher values ever made.

If you want to discover more about these seven parameters, contact us and we will send our study of seven wonders for dressmaking and shirt pins, there is further information and comparison between materials.