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... is creative art for all ages

Pins Art Products

Creative Activities

Workshops ages from 6 to 99 years

Pins Art is a creative activity, ideal for children from 6 to 99 years old.

Transform your printed A5(200x150mm) drawing into great 2D pictures with Pins Art.

Pins Art 2D pictures are simple to do. You do not need to be an accomplished artist or even a dedicated crafter. Some kids are the best Pins Art crafters and they are happily absorbed for hours.  Invite your friends to have some great fun together.

Pins Art 2D has 12 different collections with 3 skill levels to guide picture selection for the pins artist. Each creative Pinsart activity will provide the average completion time, which depends on the number of pieces and skill level for each activity.

The Pinsart workshops are the coolest activity, easy to prepare, and teach ideal for kids 6 to 99 years old. T the pinsart boards for workshops are A6 size (150x100mm).

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