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Contemporary Lace for You - by Jane Atkinson


Jane Atkinson has been designing Torchon lace patterns, both traditional and modern, for nearly 30 years. The author of Pattern Design for Torchon Lace (1987), she continued to focus on discovering new strategies she could teach to students, now brought together in her new book Contemporary Lace for You (2011).

She has always been fascinated by the possibilities for modern use contained within traditional Torchon lace, and puts her readers in personal control of design techniques and the choice of threads, colours and grids.

Photographed on location in the landscape which inspired her interest in exploring natural patterns and images, the book aims to demonstrate that this increasingly popular medium can be practical, colourful, useful and fun.

Modern lace can also be fast, and reach large scale for exhibition work, with the right equipment. "It's been marvelous to find the Folch pins for they encompass any kind of lace you'd want to make, and I'd almost despaired of finding bigger ones suitable for hangings, banners and scarves, " says Jane.

The book supports and is supported by the publication of scores of new patterns as well as Jane's existing pattern packs. These can all be seen on:

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