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AAN3670 H&T pins 36x0.70

Made from Hardened and Tempered Carbon Steel, the result is the best possible pin for Dressmakers, all general sewing applications and with the wide rande of sizes available they are ideal for all Crafts, Quilting and Lace making.

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Jabali Pins

Made from the finest High Carbon Steel, the pins are then Hardened and Tempered, this process ensures a high bending resistance with such a fine 0.70mm wire diameter.
The accurately controlled Nickel plating gives the smoothest surface, a bright finish and high corrosionn resistance for your endless crafts.
This is one of the smallest diameter pins that are commercially available making it a valuable addition to the work boxes of Dressmakers, Lace makers, Quilters and Crafters everywhere.

Folch 's Code system description

Crafted with pride by Folch in Europe

Longueur totale
36 mm
fil Matériel
High Carbon Steel
Diamètre de l'arbre
0.70 mm
Forme de la tête
Couleur chef
Diamètre de la tête
Head Material
High Carbon steel
Surface Finish Plated
Nickel plated
Point Features
Bending Resistance