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Your pins and or another articles that you will find in the shop area, can be shipped direct to you  anywhere, if you live in in Europe, America, Asia, or Africa.

We believe our pins, and other products must meet your highest expectations, and so must our service, our goal is your complete Satisfaction with your order

1. Sign in. REGISTER (if you have not already done so)

If you already signed in before you started shopping, you can skip this step. If not, you must sign in as a registered user of our on-line store by entering your e-mail address and password

. If you have not yet registered with our on-line store, click Login at the top of the Home page, and  click  Register to fill in your details and complete the process, create your user name and  create your own password ( example User: roberto   and  password oli1199)

We will send  an email to you, with the details of your registration.


All pricing is in EUROS, we are required by law to collect sales tax (actual sales taxes in Spain 21%) on shipments to the most of the countries, unless the following European countries; AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, BULGARIA, CYPRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC, GERMANY, DENMARK ESTONIA, GREECE, FINLAND, FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM, HUNGARY ,IRELAND, ITALY, LITHUANIA, LUXENBOURG, LATVIA, MALTA, THE NETHERLANDS, POLAND,PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, SWEDEN, SLOVENIA, and SLOVAKIA.

The sales tax, is not included in the price, if you are living within the European countries listed above, and you have a company and you have also a validated VAT NUMBER, the sales tax will be 0 in the final invoice, so the final price products will be 21% cheaper of Sales TAX.

If you don't have a company registered in EU, go to point 3 directly.


If you are a European company, with a validated VAT NUMBER, you might check your VAT NUMBER, in order to have the VAT TAX =0., Please do the following checking's, otherwise skip this step, and go to second point.  If your company is located in Europe and you have a validated VAT NUMBER you might introduce your VAT number, entering first the two letters of your State member and then the numbers, then European Commission's Taxation and Customs Union Directorate-General will validate this VAT number.

How it works VAT NUMBERS in Europe?

We do the consult to VIES VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)?

It is an electronic means of transmitting information relating to VAT-registration (=validity of VAT-numbers) of companies registered in EU. Furthermore, information relating to (tax exempt) intra-Community supplies between Member States

More information about VAT NUMBERS

Our advice is to check first your VAT NUMBER with the EUROPEAN VAT NUMBER VALIDATION

1. Please check with the following tables how to introduce your vat number. Tables with the VAT NUMBER  structure

2. Introduce your VAT NUMBER here

If the validation is ok, then our system will accept also, and you will get the VALUE ADDED TAX = 0.


You will identify our four divisions, with our four brands, you can get to the shopping cart of each brand clicking the logo image on the left column or the shopping cart over the home page images.

SAN JORGE:  Industrial products, clothing accessories
JABALI:  Sewing, Lacing and stationery products
HOBBY CREATIVE:  Hobby and crafts products.
PINS ART: Art with pins

You can find easy the straight pin that you are looking, using our PIN FILTER, on the left column, if you are looking for specific, length or diameter, you can search with this tool, each brand has different  pins

4 Choose the product and packing

You can filter the product brands with the subcategories that you will find at the top of each page.  After you will have clicked the product desired, you will find general information with the technical parameters that define each product. You can choose with the dropdown box, the desired packing that you need, click on the packing desired and it will appear. The information regarding this specific packing presentation with their prices. Some packing presentations have to be purchased with multiples of 2, 4, 5, the prices shown always are the price per box. Please add to cart the quantity that you require, you can add more articles if you click Continue shopping and if you want. To check out and confirm the order click on checkout. The product price include the Value added, that if you have a validated VAT number it will be taken off in the invoice. We reserve the right to limit purchase quantities on items at any time for any reason.

5 Checking out

If you have already registered with us, enter your user name and password, otherwise you might need to register now, to keep going ahead.  If you enter your data:
Delivery data page
The system will display all the products in your shopping basket quantities that you can update easily and your delivery data, that you also you can update.  Also on this page you can choose to have the items delivered to the address provided when you registered or to a different address. Also on this page you can introduce a discount coupon, to get the discounts.

Shipping page
You can choose the shipping method, there are different options depending of each country, the shipping cost is calculated with the weight of each item added in your shopping basket, before you go to the next page, you can still update the products in your shopping cart.

Order confirmation
You have to confirm the order, and it will show all the shipping freight and taxes depending if you have a validated VAT number, the taxes will be 0.

Payment method
If you have a PAYPAL account, you can pay with your PAYPAL , with VISA or you can pay too with a bank transfer.

Your satisfaction

As a company, our history goes back almost one century.  In 1924, at FOLCH Company, we are committed to creating high quality products, we are commited to building long-lasting relationships with those who buy our pins. Like our existing customers since 1924. Please contact us whenever about one of our products. We are only a phone call away. Simply call FOLCH at home. We believe that our pins and another products, must live up to your higher expectations. And our service, must live up to the quality of our pins. We hope that you will be totally satisfied with your order.

Introducing Customer rating and reviews

We want to hear from you, rate and review FOLCH products in 1 easy step.

Ready to share your thoughts Write a review for this product!

Here is how to do it, find the item on, that you want to rate, and review, then click and submit your review.

Your comments will help us to improve, your thoughts are driving us to the future.

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