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IPOV223 Safety pins 23 mm 7/8''

Old gold safety pins 23 mm 7/8''

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IPOV223 Old gold steel safety pins  23 mm  7/8''

Safety pins for sporting events, labeling clothes and more general uses.

Total Length
23 mm
Wire Material
Mild Steel
Shaft Diameter
0.65 mm
Head Shape
;Dome;Flat;Dipped;Ball;Color Dome;Loop;Diamante;Flower;Tear;Button;Ribbon
Color Head
Head Material
;Brass;Coloured Steel;High Carbon steel;Mild steel;Stainless steel;Plastic;Glass;Steel
Surface Finish Plated
;Nickel plated;Brass Plated;Bright Polished;Polished,Gold Plated;Coloured;Gold 24K;Copper;Black
Point Features