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AIN3859 Stainless steel 38 x 0.59

Stainless steel 38 mm x 0.59 mm especial silk and microfibre dressmaking

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Our pins san Jorge are the most important part for the quality squid jigs and another squid fishing accessories or jig making supplies and squid hooks anywhere.

Our SSS Pins have been designed and produced for silk and microfiber dressmaking requirements.
Satin, silk and microfibers are popular fabrics for making a great variety of dressy garments, including lingerie, blouses, pyjamas, sun dresses, bridesmaid dresses, night-gowns, shirts, neckties, interior furnishing, bed sheets...
Due to the delicate nature of these fabrics and their main properties; smooth, soft and delicate, satin, silk and the new microfibres are vulnerable to snagging, so it is essential to use precision made pins when pinning pattern pieces to the fabric.
The textile fibers or yarns have to give way to the pin, and they are being displaced by the pin penetration. The fiber displacement, or damage, as a result of any pin penetration, increases over proportionally with the increase of the pin wire diameter.
We have developed our SSS pins using high quality stainless steel wire, with the finest shafts ever made for this purpose. The mirror polished points will guarantee the safest and easiest pinning to the finest and most luxurious fabrics, reduce fibre damage and pin holes when dressmaking with natural silk fabrics and overall when working with microfibers using our SSS pins range.


Total Length
38 mm
Wire Material
Stainless Steel 304
Shaft Diameter
0.59 mm
Head Shape
Head Diameter
Head Material
Stainless steel
Surface Finish Plated
Bright Polished
Point Features
Highly Smooth
Bending Resistance
Haute couture
Type of pins
Stainless steel pins