K2D176/M Chef

Creative set, Color Dome and sequins.
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CUINER dit evolució CUINER ll

Pins Art 2D 
Pieces: 136 pixels (Color Dome pin + seguin) 
Skills/Dificult level: S2 (A few sequins need to be trimmed down to create straight edges or to fit small gaps) 
Average Pins Art completion time: 1-2h

Materials included: 
1 styrofoam board ( 100 mm x 150 mm)cuiner marc ptit 
bags of Color Dome pins 22 x 0.65 mm 
bags of sequins of 500 units 
1 drawing 
1 cardboard frame 
1 box of 250 Color Dome pins

How to set up the new cardboard frame 
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Suitable for children of 6 till 99 years old.  
We recommend Children aged from 6 till 8 should work with adult supervision.