CLIP2 Flat Stainless steel Clip

Cross over shirt clips 34 mm

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Dressmaking and Clothing manufacturing
Shirt Packaging presentation
Type of Shirt clips

Our Stainless steel clips have strict quality controls to give the best performance and long life without changing any of the following properties:

  1. Clip end balls totally round.
  2. Distance between shanks of 10 mm, to allow easy use on the shirt.
  3. Highest security when fitted in the shirt, which never loses it's grip.
  4. Smooth and bright surface with our protection allowing the highest corrosion resistance and lifetime's performance.
  5. Corrosion resistant stainless steel clips SS304
  6. Ideal for quality shirt packaging.

San Jorge protects your shirts


Total Length
34 mm
Shaft Diameter
1.10 mm
Wire Material
Stainless Steel 304