san-jorge-16We recommend you to read our Seven Wonders On Shirt Pins to understand better the different shirt pins that we produce for shirt packing.

We will start doing the first selection based on the first parameter; the wire.

Depending on the wire material, there are four material options; although only two might be used for shirt packing.  They are brass and stainless steel.


Brass is an alloy of Copper (64%) and Zinc (36%), is rustproof, and its natural color is similar to gold.  As we redraw the wire in our factory, we can always achieve the highest tensile strength required for our customer needs, and the best superficial quality of our brass wire to produce pins with the highest performance in the finished product.

The brass pins might be nickel plated to be used in shirt packing.  The nickel plating gives the pin a bright finish and the highest resistance for corrosion.  The nickel plated pins most used in shirt packing are...

  • ALN2265 Brass nickel plated pins 22 mm length, 0.65 mm diameter
  • ALN2665 Brass nickel plated pins 26 mm length 0.65 mm diameter
  • ALN2568 Brass nickel plated pins 26 mm length 0.68 mm diameter

If you are looking for a different pin, please download our general catalog.  On page 11, you can review all our brass pins.  We have different packing options for shirt packing; 1kg, 500g, and 250g.  We produce the brass nickel pins with big heads to allow the pin to be fitted on the shirt.  We recommend brass nickel pins for medium to heavyweight shirt cloth materials and to pin through the shirt boards.


The stainless steel wire is the most appreciated of all the wires because of its lustrous appearance, high corrosion resistance and bending resistance. These parameters will never change and through their high strength, it is possible to have superb pins with long length and thin diameters, which make them excellent for many different applications.  They are the most common material for shirt pins.

Stainless steel quality; AISI 304.  Our pins made with AISI 304 have a high corrosion resistance, and they are recommended for shirt plants located close to the sea, or with high humidity weather.  For silk, woven fabrics and felted denim, we recommend thin diameters like 0.53 mm.  For cotton and polyester/cotton, we recommend 0.59-0.65.

Our stainless steel pins have our special inox finish.  Their pin surfaces are polished until it is mirror-like using our specially developed in-house finishing process, and is only used on stainless steel pins giving the highest resistance to corrosion.

Our stainless steel program for shirt makers are as follows...

  • AIN2259 Stainless steel pins 304, length 22 mm diameter 0.59 mm
  • AIN2653 Stainless steel pins 304 length 26 mm diameter 0.53 mm
  • AIN2659 Stainless steel pins 304 length 26 mm diameter 0.59 mm
  • AIN3059 Stainless steel pins 304 length 30 mm diameter 0.59 mm

san-jorge-03DIPPED HEAD PINS

Nowadays, dipped head pins have become the most popular pin used for shirt packing.  They are also called silver head pins because the head normally has a silver color.  They are made with stainless steel pins, and we add a special covering to the metal head that will withstand heat and sunlight, and for easy handling.

Our dipped head pins for shirt packing are as follows...

  • AIP2653 silver head color, AISI 304 26 mm length, 0.59 mm diameter
  • AIP2659 Silver head color, AISI 304 26 mm length, 0.59 mm diameter
  • APS2659 assorted color head, AISI 304 26 mm length, 0.59 mm diameter


We focus on the future without losing sight of what surrounds us. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. For this reason, our company is inventing new products like clips or flat-pressed clips that after twenty years are still in the market.  Now we are happy to introduce a new pin; our new Color Dome© pins.

san-jorge-04We have created and patented in 2009 a new pin with a metal head color called Color Dome Pins© REGISTER N 2.866107(9). The Color Dome pins are our standard stainless steel pins with the head in different colors, which resist heat from an iron. The main idea behind our Color Dome pins is that the consumer will discover easily where the pins are in the fabric when unwrapping a shirt.  The shirt buyer will also easily discover where the pins are located because the Color Dome pins are easy to see. After the pins are removed, they can be used for multiple uses around the home.

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