Crossover clips

On, 10 January 1980 Metalurgica Folch patented from our own development, the brass crossover clip for shirt making, and shirt makers have been using our shirt clips ever since and it has become a standard product for the shirt industry. We can offer brass nickel plated shirt clips, or polished stainless steel 304(SS304).




Our shirt clips have strict quality controls to give the best performance and long life without changing any of the following properties…….

  1. Clip end balls totally round

  2. Distance between shanks of 10 mm, to allow easy use on the shirt

  3. Highest security when fitted in the shirt, which never  loses it’s grip

  4. Smooth and bright surface with our nickel plated protection*, allowing the highest corrosion resistance and lifetime’s performance of the shirt clips

  5. We guarantee that our crossover clips are made

             Brass nickel plated-  100 %  brass wire with our nickel plating

             SS304                      100  % stainless  steel wire

* Only the brass wire, not in the stainless steel wire. The stainless steel is polished.

Personalized Clips:  Clips personalized with the customer brand


We improved and innovated the same shirt clips with another patent  in Spain on 30 January 1998  becoming the flat crossover flat  clip that nowadays are the best shirt clips used by high quality shirt makers.

If you are looking for a cost –effective way of saying “ thank-you” to your valued customer or you are searching for a way to keep your name in front of that customer (for future sales and valuable referrals.) then consider personalized shirt clips with your name embossed on the clip.

Clips personalized made by folch





Crossover clip contact area

Crossover normal clip                      Crossover  flat  pressed clip

wire  diameter 1.10                          wire diameter 1.20 mm

Contact point                                     Contact  area  
san-jorge-13 san-jorge-14san-jorge-15

the  contact area is larger with our  flat pressed clips



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