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Welcome to San Jorge


Folch is one of the most recognized pin manufacturers in Europe since 1924. The company, through the brand name San Jorge, has produced pins and clips and other wire products for many industries. For almost 90 years we have been an industry leader by developing innovative products with updated technology; we are continually working with our customers to develop new products and finishes.

SAN JORGE products include features that make them an excellent value for the consumer, durable, high smoothness and conscientious manufacturing allows us to maintain our uncompromising standards. Our SAN JORGE products are made in our pin making focused factory plant situated in the Northeast region of Spain - Catalonia.

At METALURGICA FOLCH SL, we continually strive to exceed expectations because our customers are also our partners; it is though our collaborative approach that we provide additional value though our service. We encourage customers to contact us and let us know their comments regarding anything related to our products or service.


A History In Pin Making

Pin manufacturing is our family heritage; our goal is to continue to be a domestic pin supplier practicing the old skills more efficiently and to always distinguish between quality craftsmanship and mass production. Our company’s aim is to keep the proud tradition as a quality straight and high grade pin and shirt clips manufacturer with our European heritage for future generations.

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